Auditive AI for Vendors

Save time, accelerate sales cycles by managing and sharing your risk posture proactively. Leverage Auditive AI to complete risk assessments faster.

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Manage risk

Track and manage your security posture in one place, easily.

Build trust

Empower your sales teams to build trust with your customers.

Close faster

Save hours and close deals even faster.

Use Auditive AI to create a profile in minutes

Track your entire risk posture in one single place, serving as the up-to-date source of truth for your company.

Only share relevant information

Use your security profile to build trust with your customers.

Get ahead of tedious questionnaires by sharing your risk profile. Have full control of what you share with whom.

Save hours and speed up your sales cycles

Leverage the security profile and Auditive AI to save hours of internal back and forth and speed up completing vendor risk assessments.

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