Manage third-party risk with ease, speed, and confidence

Auditive is creating an AI-powered risk assessment platform that connects businesses and their vendors for easy and continuous third-party risk management.

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Third-party risk done right

Bolster your reputation with sales prospects by properly managing risk, not just questionnaires

Accelerate sales cycles

Get ahead of due diligence requests and avoid hours of repetitive work and back and forth.

Collaborate and build trust

Make life easier for your customers and prospects and build trust.

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One platform for everyone

Auditive brings together vendor managers and vendors on one single platform, for both parties. No more friction managing multiple tools.

Selling software or a service?

Build trust with your customers by getting ahead of questionnaires. Close deals faster by answering questions before they are asked.

Buying software or a service?

Manage and track your third-party risk in real-time.
Assess your vendors more efficiently and confidently.

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