Auditive AI for Vendor Managers

Leverage Auditive AI to track and monitor your third-party security risk continuously and confidently. Save hours of review time and onboard vendors faster.

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Assess vendors

Confidently assess your third-party vendors.

Monitor risk

Seamlessly monitor your security risk and changes to your vendor portfolio.

Onboard faster

Save hours of review time and make a vendor approval decision faster

Assess your vendors efficiently and confidently

Each vendor's service carries its own set of risks. Seamlessly tailor your assessments for each vendor and ask the key questions that matter.

Continuously monitor your vendors

No more missed or delayed assessments. Get reminders for your upcoming assessments, and be informed of changes to your risk, continuously.

No more time-wasting with Auditive AI

Leverage Auditive AI to save hours of review time, flag areas for follow-up and make approval decisions faster.

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